Welcome to Unity Orchard, a boutique cider orchard and homestead, where passion and crazy meet in common ground. Keep up to date with all of Unity Orchard's happenings by checking the Announcements page often.

About Unity Orchard

When two seemingly normal adults first fermented delicious apple cider a dream was created. Unity Orchard is that dream. Part homestead, part fun, Unity Orchard is dedicated to the never ending pursuit of the perfect glass of hard cider.


A lot of people have asked. To us the answer is simple, "We don't have a rocker." Why does everyone keep asking about it?

After fermenting our first batch of hard cider many years ago, we got an idea; We want to create our own Farm to Table hard cider experience that results in a perfect glass.

Motivation comes in many forms. Looking for a little kick in the butt? Watch the video about innovating and creating. It'll motivate you to jump out of your cube and run with an idea.


Unity Orchard derives its name from its location, Unity Lane. However, the name is fitting. Its the combination or union of two of our favorite activities; Gardening and Fermenting. When you add both together the result is just one fantastic cider.

One is Unity.