Corn Sheller

Post date: Feb 24, 2013 4:32:45 PM

It turns out it's quite hard to get dried corn off the cob without the right tools. The cheapest tools available are your hands and fingers, but that just leaves your fingers feeling raw. After one cob we upgraded to metal utensils. While using a spoon or similar instrument saves fingers it causes kernels to go, well, everywhere! Plus, it takes a good amount of pressure on the spoon to pop corn off the cob. One slip of the spoon and your knuckles won't be happy. Enter, the internet; such a wonderful resource. Turns out there is a category of instruments called corn shellers. They are designed for what else, but removing dried corn from the cob (shelling). There are hand held versions all the way up to expensive motorized machines. We opted for the cheaper hand held version. Turns out it is AMAZING! It removed the corn easily. With its slight conical shape it guided the kernels into the bowl instead of all around the room. Check out this demonstration.