It's Been Awhile.... We Know!

Post date: Aug 16, 2014 3:31:50 AM

Just because we haven't been posting doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work in the

garden. Planting, weeding, spraying and building oh my. Let's bring you up to speed. We finished off the winter trying to use the last of our bountiful potato harvest. Every year people suggest we try making Gnocchi. We finally did it and they were amazing, fluffy little pillows. Never have we realized that Gnocchi could be so light vs those rock-in-your-stomach rounds. They were delicate while still being filling; definitely doing that again this season. Our greenhouse needed a cork board. Something big enough to keep up with our farm and orchard. Michelle decided that we could build our own frame and use the corks that she had been stockpiling. She vastly under estimated the quantity of corks required. Let us just say we're not even 1/7th of the way there! Guess we'll just have to keep on drinking! Feel free to help us out. P.S. don't be weird-ed-out if we ask you for a cork every once, in while, all the time, if we share a bottle when visiting. Spring finally sprung! We got beautiful tulips and plenty of apple blossoms. We started to get excited at all the small apples that were growing. This was followed quickly by disappointment as we discovered deer were also excited about the growth of apples. Pesky deer. This lead to new garlic clips and the start of the spraying season. Follow-up news: the deer recently decided our trees needed a hearty trim. Let's just say we're no longer on gentle terms. Seriously though we're going to have to try harder to keep them from eating everything.

In other news, the garlic we planted in the fall made it through the deep freeze of winter and started coming up early and strong. While the ground was still frozen we decided to turn the the greenhouse into a functioning space. We went to a local sawyer, picked out some boards and built some tables and shelves. Believe it or not we were able to finish the tables in a weekend! We know! It's some kind of personal record! Finally, we finished up most of the spring chores by bottling Cidre & Leese 2014 Cider. It is deeeee-lish!