Just Plain Beet

Post date: Jul 14, 2012 6:29:59 PM

As more food grows so does our excitement. It seems like only last month we planted the beets and it is already time to harvest! Beets and goat cheese salad is fantastic. It can be made within an hour and just requires a trip to your local grocer. Wash the beets and boil them whole for about 1 hour (or buy it in a can). Then slice the beets and sprinkle on some goat cheese. Just plain beets and cheese, a fantastic appetizer. Fresh beets are incredibly sweet when compared to our family tradition of preserving them in vinegar.

If you are lucky and can grow your own beets, or your grocer sells beets and greens, cut the greens off of the beets and saute the greens in some oil with shallot and a splash of red pepper flakes and as always salt and pepper to taste. It'll move the beet salad from fantastic appetizer to "Memorable".