Turn-up Dirt to Find White Gold

Post date: Jul 28, 2012 12:57:04 PM

Nothing beets turning up some dirt to see what can be found. In a previous post we discussed our lovely beets. Today we've turned up turnips! Insert short chortle over title here.With a little elbow grease and determination we (well Michelle - someone has to photograph) yanked a vegetable from the ground. Our first turnip of the season to be exact and it's a biggin.What to do with a turnip? There's the obvious Foie Gras with Brazed Turnip. Also, there's the classics such as Turnip Tatin, Turnip Stew and home made Chicken Noodle Soup. Mmmmm delicious. Yes, these are all great but we are looking for something different. It should be rich and yet delicate. Showcase the turnip but provide a nice contrast or balance to the sharp turnip bite. Of course it should still utilize as many of the USDA food pyramid pieces as possible. Like Cheese, butter and cast iron. Wait, hold on.... Someone's telling us those aren't part of the pyramid. This is ridiculous! Cheese, butter, cast iron and other. Isn't that the whole point to the pyramid?

We found a fantastic recipe for Turnip au Gratin. We couldn't think of a better way to chow down on a turnip than Turnip Au Gratin. Basic recipe is Turnip baked in butter and Gruyere cheese. It was wonderful.

Just a small photo to make you all hungry.