Post date: Sep 6, 2012 2:58:27 AM

"Cars belong in the garage." We decided over dinner one night. In the words of Ramses "So let it be written. So it shall be done." Lawn and garden tools find a new home. Yes, we understand several of you have pointed this out for months. With this in mind we applied to the town for permits for a new shed and greenhouse. The permit process turned out to be a relatively painless process and we have now broken ground. Much of our lawn looks level, but looks are certainly deceiving. As level as the lawn looks, it was not level enough. This is why we had to put down 7 tons of gravel for the new shed. We copped out and purchased a shed. For those that know us, know that this is a huge deal. We repeat, we will not building the shed ourselves. We realized that we want this project finished before winter. We don't have the fastest hands in the town, nor the second fasted, oh hell, we barely move.

the pricing is reasonable when you consider the amount of time it would take do-it-yourselfers like us to put it together and weigh that against the number and value of other projects that we will have to pass up. (that's Michelle figuring in good old utility costs). Our neighbor Scott came over again with his tractor and helped us dig out the area for the gravel. He's been super helpful with that tractor; maybe we should..... Nah.... We leveled the dirt and laid down weed-matting. Four-by-four framing created a retaining wall and seven tons of gravel was dumped in. Amazingly in just two days we had successfully shoveled, raked, and compacted the gravel into a foundation for the shed.

Then we waited. Almost 4 weeks! But, just a few days ago the shed was delivered, leveled and assembled by a team of three guys over the course of a few hours. Watch the project progress below.