Summer Bounty

Post date: Aug 23, 2013 2:35:09 AM


er is in full force and the garden is over flowing! We're enjoying the bounty of the garden night after night. With the volume of food entering our kitchen you would think we wouldn't complain, but we do. The bacterial wilt ensured that we got A zucchini and has slowed cucumber production to a crawl. Good news, bad news is that we are not overwhelmed like last year. That doesn't mean we are skipping the canning. This year we are trying dilly beans in addition to the many variants of pickles. The tomatoes have just started to ripen with the sun golds being the first to plate. This years goal is to avoid blight long enough to make tomato sauce. If the tomatoes ever ripen, this could be the year of sauce! In the mean time, Michelle caved and we're making pickled green tomatoes.