This is what Summer is all about!

Post date: Aug 19, 2012 2:45:37 PM

Several weeks ago we started getting our first cucumbers. We planted a pickling variety. There is nothing like biting into a freshly picked cucumber to tell you summer is here. We enjoyed being able to pick a few new cukes every day. However, after returning from a short vacation we noticed that they were going nuts! Michelle's parents helped us out by stopping by and picking while we were away, but they seem to have missed a few because we filled a very large pail with cukes that first day back. We are now swimming in them! No, the photo of Michelle with cucumbers isn't the aforementioned "pail". That shot is from way back when daily harvests were manageable. We've been having salads, sandwiches, dips and just plain cucumbers by the handful; better known as breakfast, lunch and dinner. I believe it is the french (or someone) that exclaim "They're coming out of our ears." One of our favorite simple recipes is to mix up sour cream, dill, white or red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and of course thin cucumber slices. Next up is pickling. We will try our hands at preserving cucumbers to continue our breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. We have a great family recipe perfected over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, our dill has almost gone to seed and we've been using it in our salads. We may have to, believe it or not, buy some dill for the pickling.