Winter, Winter And More Winter

Post date: Mar 29, 2014 4:32:52 PM

Long, cold, snowy, windy, relentless and MANY other adjectives have been used to describe this winter. Despite the coldest winter in 10years we have managed to get out and enjoy the snow and check on the greenhouse. As far as we can tell, beneath the piles of snow and ice, the new stone siding in holding up well. The flower boxes are looking like a genius idea since they form an excellent wind break in front of the greenhouse. The image on the left is of Michelle on top of the glacier that has formed from the wind-flower box combination. A conservative estimate is 6' glacier depth. Spring's signs are slowly showing, largely in the form of a territorial group of robins. Mike calls the robin round the "Jets". Yes, like the West Side Story gang. Michelle, equipped with her newest Birthday gift (a new camera lens), managed to catch a few of them in the act. The act of what you ask... Well, we have no idea either.