Dang-it! We missed one.

Post date: Aug 18, 2012 4:55:02 PM

That seems to be the mantra these days as we dig through the garden. Some of you know all to well the eerie feeling you get when you stumble across an exceptionally large vegetable. At first there is excitement, "Wow, look how cool this is. It's so big! I have to show everyone!" This quickly turns into confusion. "How did i miss a zucchini the size of Manhattan? I was just digging through this yesterday." As the vegetable approaches the house the emotion turns to fear. "What am i going to do with it? It's too big to eat! I cannot let it go to waste, but seriously there's too much to cook."

This year we have pulled out zucchini that could double for a child's leg measuring over 2 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. We have uncovered "mini-cucumbers" measuring a foot in length and 2 inches in diameter. Actually, they would have passed for zucchini they were so large.

Even today we stumbled upon a long lost turnip. Two to be exact. Some slave over their garden harvesting 10lbs of turnip. We harvested that with just two. The larger of the two weighed in at 6lb 14oz!

Quick slide show of the excitement!