Photo Bombing

Post date: Sep 18, 2013 4:50:50 PM

Stitching text and photos together to form a coherent story is difficult. When we sit down to write a post we like to start with the story or text. Once the story is down we then select supporting photos. A photo needs to reinforce the story, help set the scene, provide extra information, and be ascetically pleasing. For this one blog, we take a hundred photos a week and 98 of these photos are simply deleted.

Each week we scan through our photos and select our favorites. Every now and again something pops up in the photo that wasn't intended... Sometimes these become a reoccurring theme... This theme has turned into a little inside joke around Unity Orchard. Below are some photos that never made our weekly blog cut. Can you spot our little, serial photo-bomber?

(the photos enlarge when clicked on)

That's Right! It's a bunny. A cute little bunny. While we haven't named him, he has become a garden squatter. So far his favorite meals are onion shoots, Swiss chard, broccoli rapini (raab), clover and Cala Lilly leaf. To date he has avoided the carrots and the other harvestable vegies and fruits, which has pleased michelle and earned him safe passage through our garden.