Post date: Nov 11, 2012 2:44:06 PM

It's cold cold cold! Yeah, contradiction, we know. Were to start... It got cold here, very cold. Just about all of our summer crop had been harvested save a few hot pepper plants. For the first frosts we covered our pepper plants with the cold frames we made this spring. After many frosty nights we realized we came to the cold realization that fighting nature is futile; so harvest we did.

Boy what a harvest, pails and pails of peppers. Poblano peppers were harvested first. We have been

harvesting pablanos throughout the summer to make chilies rellenos. Next up were the red and Green Cayenne peppers. The difference being only their color. Red ones were a little older and changed color with heat and sun light. Then came the jalapenos which we had been slowly picking to make guacamole. Much of Michelle's family and Michelle herself are not Guacamole fans; likening it more to Gack-amole. Heheh. Gack! However, the homemade stuff, different story. AMAZING! The final pepper harvested were beautiful, orange habanero peppers. These without a doubt are

all Mike's. Who else could stand that

much heat in a pepper and still call it "flavorful". As has been a reoccurring theme with each harvest, the question arose "what to do with all these peppers?" We couldn't possibly eat them all, could we? What would you do with jars of hot peppers?

HOT SAUCE! Hot peppers, hot sauce. Who didn't see that plot twist coming? To date we have made a mouth watering, fermented red chili sauce, a vinegar green chili sauce, the most amazing - and versatile - green chili paste and a deliriously delicious pineapple honey habanero sauce.

There is nothing that comes close to the tantalizing flavor of a fresh green chili paste. It has a depth and diversity of flavor which balances the pepper's heat that the canned stuff just doesn't deliver. The best part about making our own green chili paste was then making green curry with fresh root vegetables plucked from our garden!