Late Blight Or Is It?

Post date: Sep 7, 2013 2:37:54 AM

No we're pretty sure it's late blight. The tomatoes are starting to get fuzzy. It's a real Shakespearean tragedy. One day the tomato plants are growing strong. We would sit in the garden and swear we could see them getting bigger and bigger. Those green orbs just begging to turn bright ripe. Then, next thing you know, they're gone! They're all GONE! The leaves are brown and twisted. The unripened fruit is falling, bursting and rotting right on the vine.

This appears to be a reoccurring problem in our new location. In three years we have yet to brag about the tomato harvest and this years harvest was on par to be EPIC by any standard. We're guessing it is a combination of the strong, constant winds and open fields that help the spores travel from throughout town and stop at our garden. The fact we are on the main road to the dump and composting yard might not help. Everyone's spore infested plants travel straight past our garden. Or our soil is so spore infested that we'll never get a great tomato. We'll have to keep this in mind next year. It will take a lot of careful care, preventative spraying and plant spacing to get a great tomato. See our before and after photos.