Don't Forget the Apples

Post date: Oct 4, 2014 2:40:16 PM

We fiiiiinnnnnalllly got to pick apples! It seems like forever ago that we were ooohing and ahhing over the flowers. This year was the first time in Unity's short history that we were able to harvest and taste more than one apple variety. Sweet Sixteen was one that fruited for the first time this year. It was crisp and sweet. There were underlying notes of tartness mixed with notes of apple and northern tree grown fruits. Ohhh look at us! One day in the field and we are starting to sound just like Wine Spectator's Oenophiles!! We think we may have started picking a bit early, but we're trying to beat the darned deer. Just like with the corn, it will be a learning process to know when peak ripeness hits. By the way, Mike has turned into a rock star at determining if corn's ready.

Besides the apples, we've continued to work on the inside of the greenhouse. Our hope is to get it and the plants inside ready for Fall. Mother nature has been sending us gentle reminders that Fall is here, from a early freeze (9/15) to many evenings near frost temps, to the ice cool breeze on a 75 degree day.