Surprise Fall is Here

Post date: Sep 26, 2012 2:34:08 PM

We didn't want to be the one's to tell you, but Fall must be here because we have PUMPKINS. Orange ones and round ones and orange ones and ..... well they are all bright orange pie pumpkins. we've been keeping an eye on these beauties and started to see some color several weeks ago. We have a bit of a weed problem. The pumpkins, however don't seem to mind. They reach out, grab, strangle, climb and topple the weeds. Actually, the pumpkins are doing a better job weeding than us... Truth be told this moment is bittersweet for us. Our dog Blue just loved pumpkin. We've been in the habit of roasting and storing it in the freezer for him to enjoy year round. Even when we found out he was sick, we had hoped he would make it through this season. Some of his favorite snacks were crisp cucumber, raw carrots and pumpkin. The crisp and crunchy part being key. Well, except pumpkin, that was to be roasted. Who knew dogs had such discriminating pallets? Blue also had a soft spot for Grandma & Grandpa W's secret recipe pickles (shhhhh...don't let them know).We also had several fall activities that were a ritual this time of year. We would spend weekends hiking and take a day here or there to go to Stowe. We would always try to grab lunch at Gracie's where Blue was more than welcome. Who could forget hunting ducks and geese? Boy, did he ever enjoy that. He was a pro (most of the time). In short, every Fall day is a constant reminder of our loss and of loving memories of time spent with our Blue.