Shaping Up

Post date: Aug 18, 2013 3:05:49 AM

Somehow, I'm never quite sure how, Mike came up with the idea that we needed to make our watermelons and cucumbers into different shapes; not the standard round. Like a dog after a squirrel, off he went to create molds for our crops. First, there was the clay casting. We're talking a clay forming, negative mold making, silicon pouring, plastic resins filling failure. Yep, failure. Mike swears a lot was learned in the process and that NEXT time he will succeed. However, the time involved to do it right, the NEXT time, meant we would miss this season.

Onto the second try. In an attempt to speed up the process, Mike grabbed plexiglass and a heat gun. Theory: bend plastics with heat and form a vegetable mold. At first, I labeled this method "Failure". However, each successive attempt improved and the results are awesome. We will have our fill of heart shaped cucumbers and square watermelons by the end of the season. I'd just like to point out only one of us is slightly crazy! The other is just guilty by association.