Hard Cider Making 2011

Post date: Apr 21, 2012 10:01:01 PM

We spoiled ourselves this Fall and got a 25 Gallon conical fermenter for our hard cider. Last year we did 15 Gallons using various carboys. We did a very late bottling this spring with one of them adding orange blossom honey prior to bottling. It came out FANTASTIC! With a lovely sweetness up front but a dry finish. Since our cider making was mostly started because Michelle didn't really like beer that means she got to put the new conical together. Check out photos of the process and other 2011 cider stuff here. It also includes a trip to Morgan and Craig's to pick our own apples and press our own cider. After that trip we were hooked and the idea of getting our own apple trees went from being a maybe to a must have.