Old tools get a new life or Full Body Workout

Post date: Jun 24, 2012 6:15:56 PM

This Winter the Veronneau Barn was cleaned out and we all got to take home a little bit of family history. Everything you could possibly imagine was in that old barn. There were oil drums, wood crates, saw blades, woodworking tools, rocking chairs, sewing machines, desks, crochet sets, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (to quote the king and I). Several of these, uh, family heirlooms, ended up in our home and garage. Partly because our house has the extra space, but mostly because Michelle may have an unhealthy addiction to anything 'Vintage' or sentimental. She's is by no means an extreme hoarder... yet. One look at the family barn and you'll see that it's in their blood.

One of the heirlooms that we inadvertently picked up was an old grass whip. It sat in the garage, with a pile of rotted and rusted shovels, which we also inherited. The whip, unlike the shovels, is in great condition. It has been a godsend and has become a welcome addition to our gardening tools. Oh so very handy.

A grass whip has a ash handle with a thin metal blade. The blade is long and flat. It sits almost perpendicular to the handle and is serrated on both sides. It must be in the scythe family. It works amazingly well at removing the tall weeds that have taken over the uncultivated section of our garden. It's also a great core workout! Picture a constant golf swing motion, back and forth, forth and back.

Checkout Michelle taking it out on the weeds!