So Much For Drying On The Stalk

Post date: Oct 28, 2012 9:22:17 PM

"Dry your corn on the stalk." These are instructions found all over the internet. Well, that was a failed experiment. Not even a week passed after we decided to leave the corn to dry on the stalks before the critters attacked! Squirrels to be exact. We looked out our window one morning to see a squirrel up a huge stalk, sitting on a perfect ear, chowing down. Mike yelled out the window and it scurried off only to return later to terrorize another ear of corn. On closer inspection they had been having a field day at our expense. It is so frustrating to watch the squirrels move from one ear to another before finishing the first! Munch, Munch move on! Damaging 12 ears, but eating only 2 ears worth of corn. So we did a mass harvest even though not all of the corn was ready. It's now tied together and hanging INSIDE to dry. leaving the corn to hang dry is a 2 month commitment, but is easier than the oven.