Chia Orchard

Post date: Jun 5, 2012 11:57:53 PM

Instant orchard just add water.... Today's delivery went extremely well. We couldn't have asked for better planting weather or nicer neighbors. Our trees arrived at 10AM and were placed according to plan. It turns out we did a good job of layout as there were no changes recommended by the nursery's expert planter Gabe. The Pro set out with shovel in hand and a strong will at heart. He dug each hole by hand. He toughed the grass, stones, clay and earth and sought to complete the job organically. Our neighbor, Scott, noticed this digging, and drove over with his tractor to help. he turned out to be a blessing. Our soil is well ... varied. The top of the 'hill' starts out as sand and slowly turns to something more rich before turning to pretty dense clay. Using the tractor in the clay made quick work. We would still be planting if this had been done by hand. We also took the opportunity to use Pepe's shovel (the spearhead spade). A well shaped shovel works well in all soil types. However, the tractor works faster than 3 shovels. Gabe showed us how to mix up milk paint (Our first milk paint experience) and properly paint the trunks of the trees. We clipped garlic oil containers to the branches of the trees. These will act as a deer deterrent. Finally we wrapped the base of the trees in wire mesh to protect the fragile young trunks from animals, voles and insects. It is so exciting to see the trees planted. It adds much needed depth and variety to our yard. We've already enjoyed a stroll or two through the orchard. More photos here.