Greenhouse Planning

Post date: Apr 6, 2013 1:25:32 AM

This spring we plan to start construction of a new greenhouse. As with most of our projects, we expect this one to take us most of the summer to complete. When we first had the idea for a greenhouse we were thinking something small, something quaint, something that would simply extend the growing season. You know, help start seeds and keep the frost away. Then we found a neighbor on Front Porch Forum that was looking for someone to take their old windows. We agreed to stop by and take some. We thought the windows would cut out some costs, save us some money. As we pulled into the driveway to pick up the windows, we suddenly had an "ut-oh" moment. What if these windows were rotted out wood? Covered in lead paint? What if the glass was broken with no hope of repair in sight?

It turns out the windows are perfect. No lead paint, no rot, no broken glass. In fact, they are aluminum frames and sashes and are in great condition. Since they are quite old they do not have the same UV blocking that new windows (like our house) making them perfect for a greenhouse.

In the window mix were some gigantic sliding glass patio doors, more windows than we ever imagined and a wood stove. This took our quaint little greenhouse idea and blew it up. No more quaint. We are now talking an 18 by 27 foot behemoth and we're not talking large biblical beast either. We're talking miniature house. Although... we are certain that when we tell this story "building the greenhouse" to family and friends, it will be so exaggerated that it will sound like we not only bested the Behemoth but also took care of Cerberus and slew Scylla.

This is where Mike's knack for picking up new google tools, researching and lack of things to do came into play. he's spent the last several months planning, mapping, sketching and designing our greenhouse. Here's a sneak peak! Per usual, clicking an image will enlarge.