Hard Frost

Post date: Apr 28, 2012 5:20:46 PM

We have had some crazy warm weather this spring and it took a lot of effort not to throw everything into the garden. Especially when our blueberry bushes have been sprouting leaves left and right. We have been slowly planting cold tolerant veggies, but we felt pretty silly putting cold frames out when it was 70F on planting day. Well, it was the absolutely best thing we could have done! With last night and the next several nights expected to be ripe for a hard frost it made protecting our new seedlings so much easier!! Protecting those beautiful blueberry bushes became our real challenge. It only makes us wonder at what measures we'd have to go through if our apple trees had already been planted. Growers in the region are predicting 50 to 90 percent losses depending on what stages the trees are at and how low the temperatures go. Anything below about 25F degrees damages trees that are in full bloom. Trees where the blooms have not opened up yet are a little more hardy down to about 20F degrees. So much yet to learn!