Fall Harvests

Post date: Oct 8, 2013 1:41:28 AM

With the changing leaves we've been harvesting and curing our fall crops. We had a slow start to this season, but a strong finish followed. There is a plethora of butternut squash and hopefully it keeps as well as pumpkins. The rain and early frost added up to a bad pumpkin season, but we have enough for fall decorations.

This year we tried growing warted gourds and miniature pumpkins. They both produced, but jury is still out as to if it was worth the space they require to grow. The space requirement might explain why they are so expensive at the farm stands.

Oh yeah! potatoes! Three kinds so far; purple majesty (It's purple throughout!), Red Thumb Fingerling (Back from last year), Kennebec (larger and more starchy).

Enjoy the photos of the butternut squash, potatoes and dahlia!